Globrocks Corporation
"Connecting Global Business and Technology"

'Technology WhenEver, AnyHow, AnyWay, AnyTime, AnyWhere & EveryWhere'
'Executing Your Global Business IT Projects Efficiently with The Right Stuff,
The Right People, The Right Skills, The Right Way'

'Connecting New-ERA Businesses, WorkSpaces and People, AnyWhere, AnyTime on AnyDevice'

Mobility Solutions 'Empower People', Increases Productivity, Streamlines Communications; Maximizing everything to their Highest Potentials.

An Essential Tool for Information Workers, Small Businesses & EveryOne: Road-Warriors, Sales Forces, Managers, Accountants, Consultants, Doctors, Engineers, Secretaries, Architects, Attorneys, Investors, Models, Designers, Artists, Scientists, Professors, Field Technicians, Construction Workers, Teachers, Students; AnyOne to access Information or a Database from AnyLocation.

Inspire, then 'Empower The People'
'Mobile Connectivity From AnyWhere'
Mobility Solutions and Services enable Businesses to connect to their Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems.Individuals and Businesses will have access to applications such as Word Processing, Customer Accounts, Accounting Databases, Sales, Marketing, and Inventory Information and Applications 'On-The-GO.'
Unify, then 'Streamline Their Communications...'
Unlimited Mobililty Access Solutions with User Friendly, Easy-To-Use Navigation Features

Integrated with the Active Directory within a Solid Architecture and Infrastructure, EveryOne will have unlimited access using AnyDevice, like the Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian and Android Mobile Devices to connect to their Work Spaces; to Communicate, Collaborate, Analyze Information and to perform any Global Business Transaction.


Globrocks will merge your IM, VoiceOIP w/Telephony, Voicemail, Fax, w/SAP/CRM/Dynamics/ERP, and the Email Messaging System, you get Unified Communications within your already Existing System; the Business Technologies and your Business.

Execute with a Difference... and 'Maximize Productivity.'