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Published in October 2006

Article by Ifeanyi O. Asonye



        TRUE Data and Information Protection     



 Overview- Security Breaches

 A True Story Based Investigative Reporting
 Challenges: The Real Information Security
 Scalable Storage with Security
 Limitations of the Tape Storage
 Compliance Regulation relative to Specification
 The Ultimate Information and Data Requirements


Ifeanyi O. Asonye
The most embarrassing of the lot happened in the financial industry....
Update June 19, 2006- Data Breaches continue despite efforts and commitment to Information Security and Data Protection.
...The media has been focused on the consumer’s point of view and the very much less publicized are the true depth and breadth of risks and costs of Financial Engineering...

What is the ultimate goal? What are we looking to accomplish?
...a World-Class secure Business Information Access and Data Protection; a Highly Scalable Storage System and Sub-Systems, with High-Availability, Redundancy, Instant Disaster Recovery and the Highest Level of Security, appropriately safeguarded, and with Accessible copies of the Information and Data in Multiple locations.

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