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January 2013


Consultative Biz Approach (CBA)
Computer Project Management and Associated Risks…
Ifeanyi O. Asonye
'Risk' is an integral part of every consulting engagement. Clients hire contractors / consultants not just for their expertise, but also to eliminate certain obvious risks, minimize, and to share project risks. In offering computer networking solutions and services, technology solutions and services, we observed that projects and associated risks form the background for movements continually rocking the consulting / contracting community.
Globrocks offer a continually improved, flexible consultative procedure, to reduce and/or share project risks; minimize overhead costs of Systems Consultation, while leveraging technology costs.
*The rate card business [based on a fixed hourly rate] has been moved to engagements and business focused around sharing in the value created, or not created.
We have Two Modules, they are as follows: ...
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