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  September 2007  




 What is a Unified IT Architecture Infrastructure (UIT-AI)?  

'A Unified IT Architecture Infrastructure (UIT-AI), is an Optimized, Strong and Reliable Operational Foundation and Structure with Unlimited Connectivity, Unrestricted Dynamic Control of Itself, EveryThing within the Underlying Complex Engineering, AnyThing Connecting, built AnyWhere on Top of it's Platform or it's Applications in a manner that enable Streamlined Communications for the People, Collaboration, Multimedia/MediaSmart Systems; seamlessly integrated with Business Work Flow, all Business Activities and Business Processes, supporting the Present, Short-Term, Intermediate, Transitional, Near Future, Long-Term, and the Futuristics; bringing to Fruition the Goals, Hopes and Dreams of a Business within a Unified Environment.'  -As Defined by Ifeanyi O. Asonye (September 2007)

The Benefits-

A Unified IT Systems Architecture Infrastructure has much more robust centralized system built into it. It could be centralized, de-centralized or partly de-centralized depending on the type of business, or business model. The Operational System Control with Systems Management tools would be Integrated within an Integrated Database.

Additional benefits of a Unified IT Architecture Infrastructure involve areas of more sophistication, .....(Download the Full 4-Page PDF Document Below NOW!)

A Short + Precise 4-Page Article

by Ifeanyi O. Asonye