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October 2007


  'Future of The Newer Technologies 2008 and Beyond'


....The Ending of An ERA, The Beginning Of a New ERA. ...Entering Into The Next-Generation, The New Generation. 

An Overview- Next-Generation PCs, Communication Pipelines, Storage, Compact Digital Systems, Multimedia Systems In 2008, and into the Next Decade...

A Solid 9-Page Article 
Ifeanyi O. Asonye

Just Ten years ago, around 1998-2000, the fastest affordable Multimedia PCs and Servers built had right around 450 MHZ to 650MHZ processors, 256MB / 512MB RAM and 100/133MHZ Addressable Memory Bus bandwidths with 8GB to 20 GB Storage Hard Drive.

Today's Pocket PCs,  SmartPhones and Mobile Audio/Video Players exceed above mentioned speeds and capacities.   Many portable A/V players now come with up to 60GB to 160GB of storage space, which would be doubling, sooner or later to hold more and more Video. One of the current limitations of portable systems such as the Audio/Video players,  Pocket PCs or a SmartPhone being the small displays which makes it a little hard to view higher quality video, write really good notes or edit pictures, which are about to change with the 1st Century "scroll-type", scroll-like displays that you can roll inside and out.
Each and every decade makes a big difference, then, in 1997 an overhead projector that could carry High Definition resolutions at 1280x720 pixels would cost up to $10,000.00. In 2007, better ones in slim and sleek 6.5 lbs designs are nearly or below $995.00.
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