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  March 2003

About the Topic:

Definition, Current and Futuristic Explanation
'Digital Convergence'
Leading Into a New Era


A Solid Foundation For Individuals and Businesses
to Connect on a Global Scale 
by Ifeanyi O. Asonye




What is Digital Convergence?


Digital Convergence is the priming of underlying digital technology components and features such as voice, texts, video, pictures, broadcasts, presentation, streaming media, global connectivity and personalized services; the combination of all of these features and abilities from multiple electronic systems into a simplified, converged and computer-mediated communication system to enable individuals interact, play, communicate, collaborate and share information in many new and different ways.
                                                     -Defined by Ifeanyi O. Asonye (March 2003)

Digital convergence is an evolving reality, not a future pipe dream. This is amazing advances in computational capability forecasted by Moore’s Law and made into reality by semiconductor manufacturers that are the primary engine. Computer Systems has been digital since the first computer about 2000 years ago.


The first computer system was built by Abacus. Blaise Pascal has been credited in the history of computer for building the first digital computer systems in 1642....