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Published in January 2004 (Updated January 2013)


'Global Cyber Security, Fraud and Nigerian Scams'

Brief Insight on the Global Business Case leading to a 5-Year deep tests, experiences and findings for 'Managing Risks for Global Entrepreneurial Initiatives In The New Era',

(Solid Practical + Conceptual Review and Overview for Current, On-Going and Futuristic Solutions and Research)


Ifeanyi O. Asonye



Global awareness on the risks associated with conducting digital electronic business transactions securely and safely reached its highest level in the past 6 months in 2004 and has continued to get much higher.

Business, today demand to be conducted at the speeds at which the computer systems are able to work and businesses that lagged in the Business Technology race gets trampled in the process. We shall be noticing many more different kinds of businesses getting connected to the internet to take advantage of Global Connectivity for instant response and reaction to business.
....The number of confirmed computer attacks and incidents was up 84 percent over those in the fourth quarter of 2002, according to a new report....
Computer security experts disagree on whether terrorists are involved in Cybercrime, but there is one sure sign that computer crime has become a much more sober affair: Many experts interviewed for this story shied away from talking about the topic of who’s behind botnets, pointing to concerns for family safety. "When I got into this, it was kind of a game," said one expert who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Now, it's very serious. I wouldn't want my name attached (to comments about the topic)." ....a new sentiment in an industry that has often been criticized for using hyperbole to generate publicity....

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